Department of Material Science & Metallurgical  Engineering organizing
Three Day Workshop on:

December 07 - 09, 2020
Supported by TEQIP-III (NPIU, MHRD, Government of India)

About the Workshop:

Today there are two major interventions needed in pedagogy – learner centric approach to teach and taking learning / teaching online. While adopting both attributes together is challenging, the driving force to ‘go online’ may be leveraged to imbibe the other attribute also. However, the large amount of unstructured information and plethora of choices makes it difficult to make the right choices for the medium of instruction, tools for assessment and discussions. This has led to the development of this workshop which is designed to help a smooth transition while being effective. This workshop shall uncover the attributes of a 21 st century student and how the same can be used to make the switch effective. There would be dedicated sessions on advanced learning techniques such as game-based education and peer learning. Emphasis shall be laid on setting us ourselves for online teaching.


There are two pages in the form for you to fill up. After submitting the form, you will receive a mail from with an attachment of the filled form by the end of the day. You need to get it signed digitally by your institution's TEQIP coordinator/director, and send its scanned copy to You will receive a mail if your participation is confirmed. Please note that participation is allotted on a first come first serve basis.

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mail id:

Course Coordinator

Dr. Mudrika Khandelwal


Dr. Ranjith Ramadurai

Important Dates

Workshop Date: December 07 - 09, 2020

Last date for Online registration is 03rd December, 2020 and receiving the scanned copy of the signed registration form is 03rd December, 2020. Participation will be allotted strictly on a first come first serve basis
Note: Confirmation mail will be sent on 05th December, 2020.

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