Department of Civil Engineering organizing
Five Day Workshop on:

December 07th to 11th, 2020
Supported by TEQIP-III (NPIU, MHRD, Government of India)

About the Workshop:

Developing new and learning existing soft (modeling) tools is an essential skill. Distant online learning teaching is the norm of the hour. Additionally, having such soft skills is also important for overall career growth for the teacher as well as the student. Computers are widely applied in environmental sciences and engineering. Experiments or fieldworks are not possible all the time. Additionally, often experimentalists target particular media, air, water, soil or sediments. A quantitative synthesis of what happens in the entire environment is difficult when targeting these individual media. Modeling helps understand the behavior of chemicals in the environment. Furthermore, model results may also help inform public and regulatory actions. This workshop will introduce basics of chemicals’ behavior in the environment, teach the attendees to make simple multi-media models themselves, and then introduce them to some existing multi-media environmental models. Overall, the course will enable the attendees to gain new skills and apply them in their own teaching.


There are two pages in the form for you to fill up. After submitting the form, you will receive a mail from with an attachment of the filled form by the end of the day. You need to get it signed digitally by your institution's TEQIP coordinator/director, and send its scanned copy to You will receive a mail if your participation is confirmed. Please note that participation is allotted on a first come first serve basis.

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mail id:

Course Coordinator

Dr. Asif Qureshi

Important Dates

Workshop Date: December 07 - 11, 2020

Last date for Online registration is 03rd December, 2020 and receiving the scanned copy of the signed registration form is 03rd December, 2020. Participation will be allotted strictly on a first come first serve basis
Note: Confirmation mail will be sent on 04th December, 2020.

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